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Friday, December 11, 2009

Stupid belt was an inch too long!

After supper and a trip to the big-box mega-store for some victuals, I finally got enough time and energy to put the snowblower back together with the new belt I picked up from my local NAPA store last night. The belt is at least 1 inch too long and would never drive the auger properly so the job remains unfinished until tomorrow when the snow is expected to resume with a vengeance.

Did I mention the belt already? I repaired the broken auger case bracket with bolts the other night because I couldn’t get my welder working properly and everything looked fine for final assembly until I discovered that the v-belt that I just bought last winter was cracked all the way around the inner circumference. So I carried it into the NAPA store where I discovered that a: the guy behind the counter last year had sold me an automotive belt instead of a fractional horsepower belt and b: fractional horsepower belts use a different angle on the driving sides of a v-belt and finally, c: automotive belts aren’t designed for any reverse curve operation such as is caused by the belt tensioner on this machine. So the guy behind the counter this time, exchanged me for a fractional horsepower belt and gave me a refund because he warranteed out the cracked belt. Sweet! Except that it is too long.

I’ll get back there on my way home today and probably get everything buttoned up tomorrow morning. Tonight’s agenda is already full so it won’t happen tonight.

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